Reviews Madness Tournament 2019
Final 4
Apr 10 - Apr 14
Apr 15 - Apr 17
Final 4
Apr 10 - Apr 14

Tournament Rules:

  1. Only new, verified reviews collected during each round will be counted. When a new round begins, each vendor will start at 'zero' for that round and verified reviews will be pulled from our review database based on reviews submitted before midnight Eastern time the last day of the prior round. Please note there there may be a delay from review verification to publishing on each Spotlight page.
  2. Reviews must be entered directly by product users. If a review has been entered on a user's behalf, it will be removed. Existing customer testimonials may not be repurposed as reviews.
  3. Reviews may not be anonymous. All reviewers must enter their full name and business email address and leaving a review with LinkedIn Login is highly recommended.
  4. Software businesses should be actively generating the reviews generated. Share your review form located within the PPC Vendor Portal as an easy and effective way to collect review from your users, and get tips for how to collect reviews by reading this post.


  • Reviews Madness tournament participants are not able to collect reviews using the Reviews as a Service (Raas) program during their participation, and reviews submitted through targeted end-user review promotions across Gartner Digital Markets will be excluded.
  • All reviews collected must abide by Gartner Digital Market's sites community guidelines for reviews in order to be verified and count toward a review during the round.